The Watcher : The Cast of Characters

  • CHICAGO – the central character.

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  • Winston LoganThe main protagonist, a flawed electronic surveillance genius who not only has a god-like view of the city, but also intervenes to fight for its soul, as he reclaims his own. “We should turn in all the mafiosos, and clean up Chicago!” advocated Madison. “Yes , but to who?” Winston replied.

  • Madison Monroe – Winston’s girlfriend , who works on the Bradley for Mayor campaign. “Every hour I’m with you , you amaze me. I’ve never met anyone like you.”

  • Angelo Mosconi – nuevo mafioso and  trying to get out of “the life” “Listen you patronizing fuck. I just paid for the wedding of your horse-faced daughter. And this is how you talk to me?”

  • Candy Carmello more than Angelo’s girlfriend, a full partner. I love it when you think you’re in charge. I am taking the MAC10, which is going to blow Lenny and Carlos into the next world if they harm one hair on your greased balding head.”

  • Carlos Rojasnewspaperman battling for the betterment of the city. In researching any story Rojas always asked himself the same classic question Al Capone’s town’s namesake Cicero asked, “Cui Bono?” , “Who Benefits?”

  • Max Johnsoncop who takes his mission seriously. A grandmotherly woman, her white hair in a bun and wearing a corded pink sweater and jeans, asked Max, “Did you used to be a member of the Black Panthers, or the Teamsters?” Max laughed and shook his head , “No. I couldn’t pass the physical.” 

  • Karl Mumfrey – Max’s partner , but more of a pragmatist than Max. “You mean, Karl, if I had a shit storm coming down on me , you wouldn’t help me?” “Well, let me rephrase that.  You’ve got to look out for yourself and your family.  You’re family.  I’d throw you a hat.”

  • Lenny “the Accountant” Difazio – Angelo’s boss, who comes to see him as a rival. “I want him blown into pieces so small, nobody will even know he existed.  I want it to look like a fucking asteroid hit Lake Shore Drive.”

  • Justin Bradley – A college professor and reform candidate for mayor. “I want to open the opportunity that is here for every person in this city, not just the politically connected, (cheers rising) not just opportunity for those that can say, I’ve got mine, screw you, (cheers getting louder).”

  • Sean Corklong time mayor , the head of the city election machine. “The Mafia are amateurs. The politicians are the professionals.”

  • Olaf Storger – Cork’s right-hand man. “Just stick to the plan. The Machine is a beautiful thing .  It can’t lose, especially this time.”