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The Watcher, a Chicago Tale

Three weeks into the future:

Winston Logan stared through the curtain wall of his 60th floor suite and tried to make out the lakeshore in the moonlight, ten miles away. He searched for the flash of an explosion and wondered how hard the concussion would shake his building moments later. 


Winston’s life changed forever the night his mother left his father. He was five when he was awakened by a scream followed by gurgling. Winston jumped out of bed to see his father strangling his mother with a towel. He grabbed a heavy wooden brush with both hands and swung it at his father’s shin, connecting with a crack. His father screamed and let go of the towel, then limped after him. His mother grabbed Winston and covered him in a corner as his father beat her back with his fists. He flailed at her until exhausted and wheezing. As his mother hugged Winston and cried softly with each blow, his father began sobbing himself and fled the apartment. 

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